About Us

CME Builders & Engineers, Inc. was founded in 1981 with the goal of setting out and making a name for ourselves in our industry by building quality, structurally sound buildings at an affordable cost. All these years later, we still stand by that goal and strive for it continuously. We understand the construction process, from open communication with the owner, to precise scheduling of construction. It is our desire to allow the owner as much or as little involvement in a project as he or she wants. We believe it is essential to not only orchestrate the efficient construction of the building, but stay abreast of all concerns and questions an owner may have about any detail of the project. Our methodology incorporates ethics, communication, and knowledge to bring you the highest quality possible, in the shortest time needed, at the best value for your dollar.


Our history began building churches throughout North Central Texas. CME soon found the key to success in the construction industry is being financially sound. CME soon began branching out, building government buildings for entities such as the United States Postal Service and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. To date, we pride ourselves on building a wide variety of buildings for a wide variety of owners. Today our diversity remains one of our strongest assets.


Value Management in today’s society is the single most important component of commercial construction. Without the ability to effectively analyze  every detail of the construction process, and find ways to reduce costs while maintaining or increasing quality, most construction today would not be possible. Our economy is driven by the ability to accomplish the most for the least. In construction, this can be a very tricky thing to do. CME believes there are many facets of the construction process that can be very inexpensive without ever compromising the quality of the construction. This ability to operate a comprehensive construction project very efficiently translates to a lower cost to the owner. Some companies feel that in order to effectively manage your project, they require 10 employees to oversee one or two who are actually involved in the project. We only manage your project, not managers. And as we manage the construction of your building, we want you to be in the know. CME uses computer generated scheduling, which allows tighter control and a clearer representation of construction progress. All of this is in an effort to maintain a clear communication to the owner that his or her project is on time and under budget. CME will not present the owner with a project manager whom is powerless. The only people involved in the project are competent, intelligent people, who have a direct impact on the construction. When you speak to us, we listen.


In the future, the company would like to embark on even more diverse forms of construction. Even though the structure and materials may vary greatly from project to project, there is always the need for organization and engineering solutions to make the project successful.